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Home Buyers

Purchasing a home is one of, if not the largest, and most important financial decisions a family can make.  To assist with the decision, CD Fritz can provide a quality and detailed non-invasive home inspection, which will provide you with the comfort in knowing the knowledge gained with this inspection allows you to make an informed decision about the home purchase.

4 Point Inspection

Home Sellers

CD Fritz can provide a pre-inspection of your home prior to listing it for sale.  This valuable information provides insight on how you price your home, repairs you may choose to make before the listing, and to set your expectations accordingly for the sales process.

Home Inspections

Real Estate Professionals

Buyers and sellers are relying on CD Fritz to guide and educate through the home selling and home buying process.  We can provide pre-inspection services for the seller and home inspections for the buyer to help them make informed decisions.

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CD Fritz Home Inspections LLC

Welcome to CD Fritz Home Inspections.  Our goal and mission is to provide accurate, detailed, thorough and quality home inspections for North East Florida and adjacent counties.  Purchasing a home is a very important financial decision for a family.  We can provide the help and as much information as possible to assist in making this milestone decision.  Whether you are buying or selling a home, we can provide the knowledge and comfort level to allow an informed and confident decision.

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